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About our
Buyer Inspection

The most commonly performed inspection requested is known as the Buyer inspection. Hiring a highly qualified professional and certified home inspector to review the property you are considering purchasing is probably the best insurance policy for what could very well represent one of your biggest investments

About our
Seller Inspection

It’s always better to have your own inspection before putting your home on the market. Having a pre-listing inspection done Regal Home Inspections will make the entire sale process easier as you’ll find out about previously unknown situations with your home and have them corrected in advance, on your terms. Or you can present the items “as is” and reflected in the purchase price

Know Your Inspector

With my experience in Maintenance and Restoration, in addition to becoming an EPA 608 certified HVAC technician as well as attaining my certification for Quality Control under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Trained to use a range of investigative tools we will give your home an inspection from top to bottom.Family owned and operated, We know the importance of finding any and all hidden dangers because frankly we’ve spent many years repairing them. We know how an overlooked issues can cost a property owner HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of dollars in repairs.