April 14, 2019



Home & Condo Inspections

A general home inspection covers all major  items and visible structural components of the home. The average home inspection takes approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the size, age and general condition of the property.

We here at Regal Home Inspections are proud of what we do. We do not cut corners, and we never rush the inspection. When it comes to your home, we leave nothing to chance. There are literally hundreds of items that we inspect , and thousands of scenarios and defects that we take into consideration on every home inspection we perform. All to provide you with peace of mind. What is included:

Site and Grounds

Exterior Systems and Components

Roof Systems and Components

Water heater

Plumbing Systems

Electrical Systems and Components

Home Heating Systems and Components

Air Conditioning System and Components

Limited Appliances


Garage System and Components



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